TSZ^2: What Remains of Edith Finch

On tonight’s episode of TheSynapZe Truly StreamZ, we dig through What Remains of Edith Finch, an award-winning narrative video game about filial bonds, existentialism, and so very very many dead children. So join TheSynapZe as he discovers he is pregnant much earlier than he was supposed to, ponders the vagaries of the custom mailbox industry, survives a deadly Sharkalanche, becomes the Dread Monopus, stars in a 1950’s Tales From the Crypt comic, faces reprisal for the death of Bambi’s mom, and chops fish with one hand while playing Gauntlet with the other. Oh, and be sure to stick around until the very end to hear our host sincerely apologize for not eating toothpaste!

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Jordan Hazelwood

Jordan has been creating geeky Internet media for about 8 years now, starting with his late lamented video review show, Geek Criteek. He's since found his calling as a podcaster and video game live-streamer, hosting and editing over 100 episodes of each. An avid fan of D&D, MST3K, the PS4 and the MCU, he isn't sure which is his prouder achievement: that he framed one episode of the Non-Stop Comic Shop by singing the plot of Thor Ragnarok to the tune of a Steve Miller song, or that during that very song he was able to come up with a rhyme for "Devil's Anus".

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