Why I Love Wrestling: The Mountain Goats – Beat the Champ

It’s like Pac-man Fever, except about wrestling, and good.

Every now and again a tiny beautiful something happens. Two roads converge, two paths cross, and something amazing takes place. The above record is one of those things. There is no reason, practically speaking, for this record to exist. On paper, it makes no sense. It just shouldn’t work. But, much like its source material, it does, beautifully.

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Stage vs. Screen: Into the Woods

A tale of two different forests.

Disney recently released their adaptation of Sondheim’s beloved Into the Woods in digital format, allowing a giant musical theater geek such as myself the opportunity to check it out. The catch? The box of programs from plays and musicals  I’ve seen and/or been involved in at the high school, college, community theater, and professional levels somehow does not include one from this play.

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