WILW: Story Time with Adam Cole (bay bay)

This week saw RoH put on their biggest show of the year: Final Battle. The main event was a World Championship match between current champ Adam Cole (bay bay) and challenger Kyle O’Reilly. These two have a long and storied relationship in RoH starting off as the team Future Shock before going their separate ways. They have crossed paths multiple times over the years, sometimes as friends sometimes as enemies, but not on this level. Cole and O’Reilly have gotten better and better and this opening promo from Final Battle shows Cole at damn near his best. Wrestling is built on story and even if you have no idea who either of these guys are, this video does everything it needs to do to build and hype the match. This is the turning point of their careers, where they become true superstars. Check the promo below and then check the main event. It was an incredible match. Join me next week for another look inside the world of wrestling and keep a weather eye for our new podcast featuring myself and Dean DeFalco debuting after the Royal Rumble in January. Until then…

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