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“What’s your geek?”

That’s the question that spawned this site. The very word geek has been transformed into something very versatile. What was once an insult designed to belittle people who were different has become something more. One can geek out about video games and comics just as much as cars and sports. Everyone has something they love with a passion, and that’s where we come in.

Formerly known as G33klife, Geekade is designed to create a place that features consistent original content focusing on anything and everything someone can geek about. No matter what it is, if you can geek out about it, it’s welcome. Geekade may sound like a nerdy energy drink, but the idea came from combining the word geek with arcade. Arcades used to be the type of place that had something for everyone. There were racing games next to shooting games next to sports games next to pinball machines. No type of game wasn’t welcome, and the same went for the people who went there. In the heyday of the arcade, 9 year olds would stand next to businessmen and nobody would bat an eye. Women and men both spent time in the arcade, and there wasn’t any stigma associated with anyone. Whether you were a movie fanatic, a football player, or just a kid, the arcade was the cool place to be. That kind of welcoming attitude is what we’re all about. Whether your passion is cosplay, James Bond movies, guitar pedals, or anything in-between, we believe that if it’s spoken about with love and passion, people will find it interesting.

That’s our goal. We’re not here to report the news, we’re not here to give you the latest previews and reviews. We’re here to provide you with the best original content about the things we care about. Hopefully it’s contagious.

Take a look around, get comfortable, and join the conversation.

Welcome to Geekade.

Who the heck are we?

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Dave Marconi, Cengiz Kuyas


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