WILW: MOTY #3 – Ricochet vs Will Ospreay

This match has generated a ton of buzz around it and for good reason. It’s incredible. Wrestling is about connecting with the fans and giving them a good show. This match delivers that in spades. There are some who are destroying this match as nothing more than flippy shit with no psychology. One, the psychology of this match is fine, two guys showing off before transitioning to bigger things to put the other away, and two, the flippy shit is cool. The sequence that starts at 4 minutes and 30 seconds in is just ridiculous. This may be the most video game like wrestling match I have ever seen and it should be; this is from the best of the Super Juniors tournament afterall. I love it and if you are on this site, fan of pro wrestling or not, chances are you will too. Check it out below and follow me on twitter @geekadedan to let me know what you think. Until then…

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