The Pain In The Ass-a-Thon has Returned

IT IS A BEAUTIFUL TIME OF YEAR! It could be snowing, it could be raining, it could even be on fire, it doesn’t matter. Things are great. Why, you ask? Because it’s time to start gearing up for for the next Pain-in-the-Ass-a-Thon! For those not in the know, every year, we here at Geekade gather together for 24 hours of pain-in-the-ass video game live streaming. We do this for a couple of reasons. One, we love to torture ourselves. But two, and most importantly, to raise money for Colon Cancer prevention. The fine folks at the Colorectal Cancer Alliance have teamed up with us for the past few years to help raise funds, and we’re all hoping this year will be our biggest yet. So, what are we doing this year? What games are we facing off against, and why are they all a pain in the ass? Read on to find out!

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Why We Do This