About Turning Tracks

Matt and Kris love music, but their tastes are wildly different. Their ability to appreciate music outside their wheelhouse though? Well, that’s what they’re here to test. On each episode of Turning Tracks, Matt or Kris gets to pick a band they love and select 10 tracks from their career to try and convey why they love them. What new kinds of music will they both discover and/or learn to appreciate? Let’s find out! New episodes every month. 

About the Podcasters

Matt Raimo

Matt is the co-host of the WaveBack and Turning Tracks podcasts. In addition to that, Matt is an avid gamer , music lover, self proclaimed film maker, and all around BBQ sauce connoisseur. He enjoys whiskey, craft beers, and has a damn fine beard.

Kris Randazzo

Kris has always loved music. Be it the memorable tunes from The Monkees when he was a kid, or the melodies that sprang forth from his various video game obsessions, music has been an important part of his life for as long as he's had one. He's a drummer by trade, but he's dabbled in bass, guitar, and even accordion. His real passion has always been sharing the music he loves though, and Turning Tracks is the perfect place to do that. His tastes lean towards more lighthearted fare with an emphasis on melody and major chords, but he appreciates just about every genre there is, and is always eager to learn more. He also co-hosts Geekade's video game music podcast WaveBack with Matt, and is involved in This Week's Episode, A Theater Near You, and The Stone Age Gamer Podcast.

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