About TWEP

This Week’s Episode is Geekade’s TV podcast. Once a month, Evan, Angie, Kris, and Karen get together to talk television. In the top half of the show, everyone gets to pick 1 show they watched in the past month to discuss. With everyone’s tastes ranging from Star Wars to “real life” ghost hunting to court dramas and beyond, things get pretty eclectic. Then, each month they take turns choosing a feature topic. This is a single episode of any show throughout history that everyone has to watch for a deep dive discussion. Sometimes news topics are covered. Sometimes there’s talk of lawn equipment. All times, there’s talk ot all thigns TV, and why these four friends love it so gosh darn much. New episodes every month. 

About the Podcasters

Evan Goldstein

Evan is the lifeblood that keeps Geekade running. He edits podcasts, makes important decisions, and gets things done. He is a very busy, very powerful man, but he's also an all around wonderful human being. His actual origins are unknown, but it's said that he was torn from the thigh of Zeus. We have yet to actually confirm that ourselves though. Evan is the primary host and editor of This Week's Episode, and has his hands in many other pies all over the site. He also really liked Moon Knight... and pie...

Angela Fernot

Angela is an artist who harnesses her astonishing abilities for the good of all mankind. She's also one heck of a planner, so if Geekade is ever doing some sort of charity event or something to that effect, Angela is the one we all answer to. She one of This Week's Episode's co-hosts, she's a snappy dresser, and she has contributed numerous blog posts and pieces of art to this website over the years.

Karen Randazzo

Karen is a co-host of This Week’s Episode and some of her written content can be found in the legacy section of the site. She also provides domestic support so that Kris can be one of the driving forces behind the Geekade empire. She makes fun, feminist, fandom fiber art at Shoot the Moon Stitches. She really likes Doctor Who, the MCU, and a lot of other geeky things.

Kris Randazzo

Kris spent his formative years collecting cartridges, CDs, discs, and assorted paraphernalia in an effort to amass a video game collection large enough to kill an elephant. He works with Stone Age Gamer as their social media and marketing guy, where he also writes their blog, runs their YouTube channel, and more. He's also a staff writer at Nintendo Force magazine, and can be found on several other Geekade podcasts including WaveBack, Turning Tracks, A Theater Near You, and This Week's Episode.

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