About Weekend Rental

Remember the days of the arcade, 16 bits, and the video rental store? Well we do! Join the Weekend Rental crew as we discuss video games new and old, movies, and all things geek. We’ll tackle a different retro video game each week via our Weekend Rental segment, offer up recommendations in Staff Picks and wander down the rabbit hole with whatever nonsense comes to mind. New episodes every other Saturday.

About the Podcasters


Ryan is an avid retro gamer, punk rock aficionado and collector. He chronicled much of his collecting journey on his YouTube channel, Vidja Gamer.

Favorite System: NES.
Fun Fact: Unironic Atari Jaguar fan


Andy is a retro game enthusiast, RPG fan, and buyer/seller of video games. You can find him scouting out your local spots for games.

Favorite System: Sega Genesis
Fun Fact: #1 Proverbial Sonic Fan.