About The SNES Podcast

Welcome to The SNES Podcast, brought to you bi-weekly by your hosts Greg (AKA SoulBlazer) and Joe. This is a podcast dedicated to talking about the games of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Any feedback, comments, suggestions, etc. please post on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thesnespodcast or e-mail us at thesnespodcast@yahoo.com. New episodes every other week. 

About the Podcasters


My name is Greg although I go by SoulBlazer at many places online -- not because I love the SNES game, but I always thought the name was unique and catching and I've used it ever since I first went online in 1993. I grew up during the heyday of the NES and SNES and love the systems to this day. When I started getting into podcasts circa 2015 I realized there were none out there covering the SNES so I decided to fill that void! This is a bi-weekly show where myself and my co-host Joe cover one SNES game in detail with history, how it plays, and how it holds up today, as well as how to get the game and eBay pricing. Besides video games my other hobbies include computers, reading, history, skiing, and hiking.


Hi, I'm Joe, resident Sega kid who is experiencing the SNES for sometimes the first time doing this wonderful podcast with my friend Greg. Talking games and retro topics in general is me in a nutshell.