Submitted For Your Approval – A Twilight Zone Podcast

From start to finish, the Twilight Zone remains one of the most compelling series in television history. In honor of the show, Brandon (of Apathetic Enthusiasm) and a variety of guests, both regular and special, watch the series from start to finish and discuss the characters, themes, and ideas Rod Serling brought to the screen. Submitted for Your Approval, we present to you, a Twilight Zone podcast.


About the Host
Brandon Cruz is the host and creator of Submitted For Your Approval and co-host of the multi-faceted geek culture podcast,  Apathetic Enthusiasm! His love of Twilight Zone drove the decision to explore each and every episode to learn more about what made the show such a lasting presence in the pop-culture consciousness.  Be sure to write and say hello!
Twitter: @s4ya_podcast