Oktoberfest Roundup *UPDATE

It’s the most wunderbar time of the year

As we move into the Fall, new beer flavors come to the fore. Unlike summer, when beers become thin and boring, the fall is when beer gets interesting. Today, we’re talking specifically about Oktoberfest beer. This bastion of early autumn is hard to miss in the liquor store. They beat you over the head with display after display of American versions, German classics, and variations on the Oktoberfest theme. Not to mention all the blue and white swag you could want.

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The Creamsicle, in Pie Form

Could you throw a little vanilla in there, make it like a Creamsicle?

One of my favorite pies to make is Key Lime Pie. It’s sour, sweet, and custardy. So, over an excellent meal of Italian food, my good friend and I (you’ll know him as Kris “Captain K” Randazzo) were discussing this wonderful dessert. I have a pretty stellar recipe from a trusted source – it rhymes with Looks Facilitated – and it never fails. At some point over the scallops in butter sauce, Kris wondered aloud, “Why couldn’t you make an orange pie?” I immediately began excitedly describing the simplicity of altering the Key Lime Pie recipe to accomplish this. 

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Creating Ballerina Cupcakes

 Why did I agree/offer to do this? 

Step 1the day of baking something I’ve already committed to and absolutely cannot back out of: I don’t want to bake. I don’t have time. I’m going to make a mess. It’s going to come out horribly. I’m so bad at everything. I’m tired. I’m grumpy. I hate this. Why did I agree/offer to do this? I hate baking.

Step 3, I should quit my job and open a bakery! Everything is awesome!

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Nabisco Enters the Console Wars (April Fools)

Project Saltine takes aim at the big three

In a surprise move, snack manufacturer Nabisco has announced that they will be entering the video game market later this year. During a press conference held earlier today at Nabisco’s headquarters in East Hanover, NJ, CEO Daryl J. Brewster made the announcement to a stunned crowd. 

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The Imbibing Scribe: Troegs Mad Elf

Tis the season for crazy little people

Beer geek 101: Winter is the time for big beer. The extra alcohol will warm the cockles of your heart – and your cheeks, too. In my mind, there’s a reason Santa has rosy cheeks: he stopped in Belgium on his way to your house. And now, in January, I’m drinking my way through the holiday leftovers. So currently, while the wind whistles outside my window, I’m sipping on a Troegs Mad Elf. A three year old Mad Elf.

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