The Imbibing Scribe

Hunter Wilde  loves beer. He also loves words. I think you see where this is going. Each month, Hunter sets his sights on a different alcoholic beverage that strikes his fancy, and takes the time to tell us all what makes it so great. Hunter has a way with words, hence the name of his articles, and is always happy to share the joys of drinking with anyone who will listen, and he does so with an incredibly welcoming style. Even if you don’t know what the difference between hops and brussel sprouts, Hunter will find a way to make you care about what he’s writing… and drinking.


Hunter is many things. Husband of wife. Father of children. Bringer of justice. Writer of articles. Teacher of youth. Baker of pies. Drinker of beer.  This list barely scratches the surface of awesome that is Hunter (believed to be writing under a pseudonym) and yet, so much of his life is shrouded in mystery. We know he’s fought in at least 2 inter-dimensional wars, and that his friends are known to have exotic names like “Liam”, but beyond that, details are scant. Still, Geekade has been fortunate enough to procure his writings (which arrive on papyrus via carrier pidgeon). He’s also pretty fond of Game of Thrones.