Twelve Days of Questionable Xmas #8 – Black Christmas/Silent Night, Deadly Night

Bit of a cheat here if we are being honest with each other (and we’re friends so I see no reason to lie). Black Christmas and Silent Night, Deadly Night scratch the same kind of itch. A bloody, violent, Xmas ruining itch. Both films were shot on relative shoestring budgets with moderately famous names. Both films are slashers with lots of gore and blood. Both films feature violent Christmas settings. And both have achieved a certain amount of cult status leading to largely panned remakes. I like these two films quite a bit for what they are. They aren’t great by any stretch. Viewed in a modern light, they leave a bit to be desired. But in the right mood, with a bit of holiday spirits in you, they are a blast. They make a fantastic double feature when watched with a big group. A group with strong stomachs, sure, but you honestly can’t go wrong. Check these trailers for some classic holiday frights. 

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