Pokemon Propitiation: Day 398

Well, I’ve been at this for over a year. The good news is, I don’t plan on stopping. The bad news is I haven’t played Pokemon since my last entry. I’ve been distracted. I blame Super Mario Maker and my personal mission to finally finish EarthBound (which I did!). But now that those projects are out of the way, I should get back to Pokemon. I do need to finish this game, after all. So, last night I had the evening off, and I thought “Let’s grab the ol’ GBASP and spend some time Pokemonning.” Then this happened.

Nintendo went ahead and announced that all three original Pokemon games are coming to 3DS Virtual Console. Sure, now you do this. I’ve only been playing on my Game Boy Advance SP for over a year like a sucker. Seriously though, the reason I haven’t played more Pokemon is primarily because of laziness. The GBA is right next to my bed, but if it’s low on battery, I have to plug in the charger, which means I can’t pay it with headphones because the GBA SP headphone jack DOESN’T FREAKING EXIST and uses an adapter that plugs in to the SAME FREAKING PORT AS THE CHARGE CABLE! My 3DS, on the other hand, has a charge cradle. I plop that sucker in the cradle every night, and it’s charged. The convenience factor is strong with this one. I wouldn’t have to save my progress anymore. I can just close the lid, call it a night, and pick up right where I left off the very next day. No muss, no fuss. 

This also gives me the opportunity to actually battle my friends, circumstances permitting. I’ve been told that is a pretty important part of the whole Pokemon experience, so that’s another plus. But should I really start over and lose all my work? Granted, I haven’t come THAT far in the grand scheme of things, but it’s taken me over a year to get to this point. I suppose with that added convenience, I could probably get back where I am rather quickly…

I clearly have some stuff to think about. I guess it all depends on how much I get done before February 27th. 

Dean DeFalco

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