Why I Love Wrestling: Brock Lesnar

NCAA Division I Champion. Multiple time WWE Heavyweight Champion. IWGP Heavyweight Champion. UFC Heavyweight Champion. Beast.

Brock Lesnar is a man out of time. He should have been a gladiator, a warrior, a conqueror. He is without question the most physically intimidating man to ever step foot into the squared circle. From his debut to now, if you are placing a bet on the winner of the match, the safe money is on Brock Lesnar.

What makes Brock special though is his talent as an in-ring performer. It’s not just the look and the size. It is his ability to wrestle that sets him apart. He is a legit NCAA Division-1 champion. The man has it all. His in-ring storytelling is top notch. When his opponent attacks his arm for example, he sells the arm injury for the rest of the match (a seemingly simple trick sure, but not many do it very well). When he bumps for another wrestler’s move, it looks right. You believe what is happening in the ring; you believe in Brock Lesnar.

The only knock on Lesnar is his promo ability. He simply is not very good on the mic. During backstage, or taped UFC style interviews, he’s great. Live? Not so much. But it doesn’t even matter because he has the greatest mouthpiece in the history of professional wrestling Paul Heyman (see earlier article about what makes him so great). Heyman, in his role as advocate for his client Brock Lesnar, has added incredible depth to his persona. Every single thing Lesnar does is a bigger deal, because of Paul Heyman.

Lesnar breaking the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania; huge. Paul Heyman’s promo, major.

Lesnar destroying John Cena for the WWE Heavyweight Championship, huge. Paul Heyman’s promo, major.

At the end of the day, Brock Lesnar, along with Paul Heyman, may be the most complete professional wrestler in the history of the business. Whether he retires this summer and goes back to the UFC or wrestles another ten years, we will never see another like him.

Dan Ryan

Dan Ryan was once the most feared and respected luchador in the world until the "Great DDT Disaster of '85" where Dan unfortunately DDT'd his opponent so hard into the ground that he opened a gate to the underworld that let unholy things into this world. After that, Dan refused to wrestle anymore but he's found new life writing and talking about his favorite hobbies here at Geekade. He pens the weekly Why I Love Wrestling series, co-hosts The Stone Age Gamer Podcast, expertly pairs video games with beer, and much, much more. Dan is a personality that Geekade simply would not be the same without.

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