Why I Love Wrestling: NXT Unstoppable Predictions

NXT continues to be the most convincing reason to subscribe to the WWE Network (for only 9.99). Their roster is so stacked right now; it is the perfect blend of indy darling and WWE archetype. Their special live shows, branded as Takeover, have been nothing short of amazing. This Wednesday, we get Unstoppable. The card looks phenomenal; plenty of match of the year contenders. Who is going over? Read on.

Charlotte and Bayley vs Emma and Dana Brooke

The NXT Women’s roster is super deep. There are no Diva’s here, but wrestlers. Where as on the main roster, Women’s matches are still afterthoughts, they are the star of the show on NXT. The first of two women’s matches on this card, this match should be a ton of fun. Charlotte is poised for a breakout, superstar run on the main roster. She has grown by leaps and bounds in the time she has spent in NXT. Bayley is one of the most over wrestlers on the roster and is ready for a main show call up as well. Emma had a cup of coffee on Raw, got busted shoplifting, was booked poorly, and is back on NXT to reestablish herself. Dana Brooke is the unknown having only been around a few weeks but in development for a bit. All four of these women are incredibly talented. I predict a relatively short match,  with Dana Brooke and Emma going over after some old school heel tactics.

Baron Corbin vs Rhyno

The Big Bad Wolf of NXT vs the Man Beast. I’m hyped for this match. Rhyno is has been great during his run in NXT. He has always had the crowd behind him and in the small arena at Full Sail, he gets massive crowd reactions. He’s just so damn intense. Corbin on the other hand is on the way up and is really starting to develop into a solid overall wrestler. This match with Rhyno could go a long way in establishing him as more than just a squash machine. Corbin is still undefeated and I predict it will stay that way after a really close match with Rhyno. It may not be the most technically thrilling affair but it should deliver on intensity.

Tyler Breeze vs Finn Balor vs Hideo Itami

These three are all ready for a main roster call up. Balor is going to be a monster star, Itami should settle in to the upper midcard, and Breeze should be able to carve out a nice spot in the midcard as well. All three are great in the ring and this match should have tons of really cool spots. It has match of the year potential for sure. I predict that Itami will get the win and become number one contender. Balor doesn’t need it, Breeze has already had it, Itami could really use it. It just makes sense.

Blake and Murphy (c) vs Enzo and Big Cass – NXT Tag Team Championship

Blake and Murphy won the belts out of nowhere and have put together a nice little run. Their heel turn over recent weeks has been pretty great as well. Both guys, while really good in the ring, are kind of douchey. Their pursuit of Carmella, Enzo and Cass’ manager/valet/trainee, has been super creepy and stalkery. It makes sense for them to be heels. Enzo and Cass on the other hand are in a weird spot. Cass has tons of potential as a singles guy. Enzo has tons of potential as a manager. Reports are that Enzo works harder than anyone down in developmental but he just isn’t that good in the ring. That said, I love the two of them together. What Enzo does bring to the ring is fun. Cass gets to be the muscle, Enzo gets to be Smacktalker Skywalker. I predict Blake and Murphy keeping the belts possibly with some interference from Carmella. The crowd already boos her, might as well turn her heel against her boys and cement that role.

Sasha Banks (c) vs Becky Lynch – NXT Women’s Championship

Sasha Banks, the Boss, is fantastic. She is the total package. Becky Lynch, is also fantastic. She is almost the total package (she just needs more time to get over). Both of these women are going at an impressive clip right now and are having standout matches with everyone. They steal the show almost every night they perform. This match should be one of the best of the night and again is a match of the year contender. You will see some amazing spots in this match, stuff you never thought you would see in a Women’s match. Ultimately I predict Sasha keeps her belt after both Women tear the house down.

Kevin Owens (c) vs Sami Zayn – NXT Championship

After their first match, it looked like Sami was done. Such was the beating dished out by Kevin Owens. Sami was off of TV for weeks, while Owens beat up Alex Riley and had a great match against Finn Balor. This match should be the blowoff to their feud, the final chapter in their NXT story. (I promise this will be revisited on the main roster) Sami is pissed, Owens is quiet. It is playing out beautifully. This match will almost certainly be the match of the night. Owens and Zayn know each other so well, and work together so well, that I would be shocked if they had anything less than a stellar match. Ultimately, I predict that Owens will go over again, pushing Zayn up to the main roster in the process. Zayn has nothing left in NXT and with the recent injury to Daniel Bryan, he can slot right in as the underdog crowd favorite in the Intercontinental Title picture. Owens meanwhile, has plenty of matches left in NXT. A rematch against Balor, a fight against Itami, a run with the rumored to be debuting Samoa Joe, yeah, there’s plenty to do. Either way, I may be way off on this one, it should be a phenomenal end to the show.

So there it is, another awesome night from NXT. With rumors flying that Samoa Joe may make his debut at the show, along with the announcement of Uhaa Nation’s new name, I’m beyond excited. Follow me on twitter, @geekadedan, as I tweet about the show hours after it has happened. (I’ll be out of town until late Wednesday night so I’ll be watching a replay) No spoilers kids.

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