Why I Love Wrestling: Kyle O’Reilly

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Let’s just get this out of the way, Kyle O’Reilly is a future superstar. There is no doubt in my mind that one day Kyle will have a nation of fans tuning in every Monday night to watch him perform, IF that is what he wants. The sky is the limit with his kind of talent. He reminds me an awful lot of Daniel Bryan and that is not a comparison I make lightly. He is cut from the same cloth, an incredibly hard worker who is better than most in the ring. He has a good look in regards to WWE as well. He has future champion written all over him. The very thought of him joining NXT, and the matches he would have, and subsequently WWE, and the big time PPV matches he could have is as tantalizing as could be.

Born Kyle Greenwood in 1987, O’Reilly made his in ring debut in October of 2005. He is originally from Canada which is where the technical wrestlers come from. And my goodness is Mr. O’Reilly an amazing technician in the ring. He is so incredibly smooth from move to move. He chains together strikes as good as anyone in the business. He chains together holds as good as anyone in the business. This is a guy who has a rolling butterfly to face drop combo. Which is insane. I mean, look at this…

It’s things like that that will make this guy a major player. That’s not to say he hasn’t had success. Far from it actually. O’Reilly is a major part of Ring of Honor, being their former three time tag team champion with Bobby Fish as reDRagon, a PWG champion and Battle of Los Angeles winner, a former IWGP Tage Team Champion in New Japan, as well as a multiple time champ in lesser promotions. O’Reilly has IT and every company he has worked for knows. He has a moveset that makes indy fans pop but that also would translate to the WWE. Everything he does is crisp. Everything looks like it has purpose. There is no wasted motion with Kyle O’Reilly. He has that believability that is lacking in many of the independent stars. When you watch his matches, win or lose, it looks “real”. That is by far the hardest thing for a wrestler to learn and Kyle O’Reilly excels in this area.

Actions do speak louder than words though and nothing will sell you on Kyle O’Reilly like his matches. Check those out below, tune in to ROH on Destination America Wednesday nights, and say you knew him when. Follow me on twitter @geekadedan and let me know your favorite O’Reilly moments.

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