Dan reads Worlds of Power

Remember the Worlds of Power novels? Those Scholastic paperback novelizations of classic NES games? No? Well we do, and we’re going to read them to you. 

Starting today, and continuing with 2 chapters every Tuesday and Thursday, Dan (and eventually maybe more of us) will be performing audio book versions of the Worlds of Power series. Dan has volunteered to go first, and has begun reading Worlds of Power: Metal Gear. They’re… something. But they’re also pretty entertaining in their own special sort of way.

So, come back here every Tuesday and Thursday for new chapters. They’ll be listed in the Podcasts section under Worlds of Power. Enjoy!

Dean DeFalco

Creator of Websites, editor of content, wearer of vests. This man is said to be "The Jack of All Trades".  Dean has his hands in most parts of the website one way or another. The original incarnation of Geekade, "G33k Life", was Dean's brainchild. While Dean can be found on a number of shows like when he was the former co-host of the Stone Age Gamer Podcast or the current host Vest and Friends or talking about video games on YouTube and Twitch, he is the guy behind the scenes making sure that the site does everything it's supposed to every one else can do their job. There's not a problem he can't solve.....or at least punch and scream at until it doesn't exist anymore.

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