Fashions for Your Fandom: Rock 2016 in Geeky Style!

With a new year underway and winter finally deciding to show up (give me all the layers please!), this is a perfect time to revise and restock your wardrobe. Something I’ve been striving to do is find more ways to insert my various fandom’s into my everyday life, sometimes in overt ways like wearing jewelry related to a series (nothing makes me feel more boss than sporting the One Ring around my neck) and sometimes a little more subtly, such as wearing a character’s color palette and pieces that somewhat resemble what they wear- a casual or everyday cosplay. Here, I’ll help pull together some ideas and resources for flaunting your geeky love in style!

Make sure everyone knows what a lazy boy you are with this Link hoodie from Think Geek!
Make sure everyone knows what a lazy boy you are with this Link hoodie from Think Geek!

One of the quickest and clearest ways is to rock accessories or articles of clothing directly relating to the fandom. Things like Weeping Angel earrings, Cheeseburger Backpack hoodies, and Starfleet uniform dresses are quick ways for fellow fans to spot you in line at Starbucks and know you’re kindred spirits. You can pick up knickknacks like these during your convention circuit at the many tables and booths in expo halls and artist alleys, or from larger companies like Think Geek (one of my personal favorites; their customer service is always phenomenal!), Her Universe (another favorite, though often out of my price range), and We Love Fine (excellent for cute sweaters and cardigans!). Of course there is always Etsy, which is super rich in fandom crafts and wearables, and helps to support small businesses and fellow fans (for example, this adorable R2D2 skirt outfit from Etsy shop Pretty Lil Dressmakers).

I would love wearing this Rocket Racoon tank from Her Universe to feel badass and sassy!
I would love wearing this Rocket Racoon tank from Her Universe to feel badass and sassy!

A more creative way to get in on the casual cosplay boat is to create your own everyday outfits inspired by your favorite characters. For example, a favorite outfit of mine is a Casual Katniss outfit inspired by her typical hunting garb in the books. In my case I wear a dark green tee shirt, faux-brown leather jacket, jeans, and comfortable brown or black faux-leather boots. It is not necessarily something anyone would notice or catch onto as being a “cosplay” (unless I’m wearing my Mockingjay pin too), but I had fun piecing it together when I wanted to wear something festive last minute to the last Mockingjay movie and realized I had enough pieces in my closet to make it work.

To help give some inspiration, here are two suggestions for easy outfits to get your casual cosplay grove on:

Casual Rey

The star of the newest chapter of Star Wars, Rey is taking fans by storm with her determination, bad ass fighting skills, and impressive piloting and mechanical prowess. Who wouldn’t want to the rock this confident scavenger’s neutral palette and functional yet flowy look?

You’ll want to layer with this one; I’d go for an off-white cami or tee shirt, a light brown or beige draped cardigan, and light pants (very light jeans, or linen pants) with brown shoes (work with what you have!). Try adding a brown belt to pull the drapey garments together and give you a more fitted silhouette like Rey’s. Or try a single draped top like this asymmetrical sweater in oatmeal from JC Penny, paired with fitted beige or light brown pants.

These ankle booties from DSW would look super cute with a casual Rey cosplay!
These ankle booties from DSW would look super cute with a casual Rey cosplay!

Marceline the Vampire Queen

Everyone’s favorite musical vampire, Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time always looks comfortable and hip to the extreme. You can emulate her by rocking a simple grey tank, blue jeans, and ballin’ red cowboy boots (or these red riding boots would be stylish and a bit more affordable if less accurate; the point gets across!).

You can bring spring in later this year with Marceline’s giant sunhat (add a blue ribbon), a red tank and blue jeans, and some cool buckled brown boots. Feel free to add some yellow gloves or arm warmers to emulate Marcy’s need to avoid sunlight on her skin.

It can be really fun to go through your own closet in search of garments that could fit a casual cosplay, not to mention the new roads to casual cosplay that thrift stores can open at an affordable cost. Do you like to cosplay in your every day life? Or wear hats and other accessories that share your love for a fandom with the world? Let us know your favorite stores and approaches to the fashion style in the comments!

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