Turn It Up: New Music Releases for October 2016

Hey, so guess what? They’re letting me do this again! So, if you’re just looking for something new to jam to, or you’re a music-crazed maniac like I am who can’t get enough, you’ve come to the right place! My goal here is to introduce you to the newest releases that will be hitting shelves each month, three for each lovely passing week. There’s so much to get excited about out there, but never enough time to absorb it all – but no fear – I’ll get you pointed in the right direction. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Green Day – Revolution Radio

Release date: 10/7
When “Bang Bang” appeared on everyone’s Release Radar a few weeks ago, I distinctly remember many statuses asking what year we were in (granted, there was also a new Britney Spears song out that week). After all, despite being a mainstay band thanks to major life-altering hits (I’m looking at you “Time of Your Life” and the entire American Idiot OBC Soundtrack), Green Day isn’t necessarily a band you count down days to new releases for.

Yet, Revolution Radio is highly anticipated. I blame this on things like Release Radar and more exposure than bands have ever known before. Who could have seen this twist – the rebel band being thrust into the spotlight by the machine it didn’t seem to fit into? Whatever, we’ll take it. The songs we’ve gotten so far are perfect for today in that they feel like slight throwbacks with today’s production quality. They’re appealingly messy, and yes, I’m saying that’s possible. I love that they’re back and adaptable without losing the sound we want so much. It feels good to be a grungy pop punk kid again.

Other 10/7 releases:

Norah Jones – Day Breaks

Sum 41 – 13 Voices

JoJo – Mad Love

Release date: 10/14

Everyone loves a good come-back story, right? And you remember JoJo of course (“Get out, right now…”) – when I said we were in another year, I wasn’t kidding. This seems to be the time everyone is striking with new releases, and this pop princess is no exception.

This is JoJo’s first album release in 10 years, starting her off on Atlantic Records after inking the official new deal with them in 2014. While the sophomore release turned out to be quite the flop, this is being sighted as a resurgence of her career. Again, blame the internet. We are all obsessed with throwbacks these days, and even as much so, we love a good comeback.

I was too hasty with the pop princess label, I’ll admit. JoJo has always skewed more towards R&B, and I believe she’s taking this album in that same direction. Her attitude we love in “Get Out” (what a fantastic kiss-off song) hasn’t changed, as she still has a little bite on these new tracks too. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see what she’s still harboring bad feelings about, and I’m sure many people will at least be listening with the question of “gee, wonder what she sounds like after all this time?”

Other 10/14 releases:

Kings of Leon – Walls

Two Door Cinema Club – Gameshow

Bon Jovi – This House is Not For Sale

Release date: 10/21

This marks lucky number 13 for the 80’s hair band turned silver foxes of Bon Jovi. It’s still a first though – Richie Sambora is gone, and Phil X has stepped into his place. The sound seems to remain distinctly Bon Jovi, but I attribute that to Jon’s vocals.

The lead single and title track have gotten steady radio play, at least in Jersey (of course), whereas the past two albums didn’t seem to garner the same kind of reception. In fact, I thought Bon Jovi was making some kind of comeback following up from 2009’s The Circle, even though there was a Greatest Hits, Live, and two other Studio albums in-between. But no, they have not in fact gone anywhere (except those cable commercials Jon has been staring in). All-in-all, it would be hard not to be pumped to at least hear a new set of songs from this legendary band. It may not be a full resurgence, but maybe we’re seeing a hint of trying to bounce back into a really insanely polluted music scene.

Other 10/21 releases:

Jimmy Eat World – Integrity Blues

Beck – Title TBA

Kenny Chesney – Cosmic Hallelujah

Release date: 10/28

My obsession with “Settin’ The World On Fire” knows no bounds. I generally like Kenny and P!nk, but this may have launched them both into becoming two of my favorite artists. It’s genuinely pop, and for a truly country man like Kenny, that’s kind of strange. Yet, it works.

You can argue whether the country scene is still truly that anymore, especially with the more electric and pop sounding chords and melodies invading the genre so heavily. It’s a hard distinction to really make. Kenny Chesney has been walking this line for years now, properly providing the party boy atmosphere in country, but remaining a good ol’ boy. I would even go so far to say that he helped bridge the gap between twang and bro country as we know it now.

Talk about staying power – this is Kenny’s 17th studio album. It’s no wonder then that he seems to be experimenting and updating his sound more these days. The lead single, “Noise,” broke a country mold and had folks singing along. The two singles so far have meant more than drinking and rocking in the fields – they’re mature and reminiscent, without losing such a great sound. I appreciate that Kenny is still going strong, and this one is something to look forward to.

Other 10/28 releases:

Tove Lo – Lady Wood

Empire of the Sun – Two Vines

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