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HI! How’s it going? Me? Well, I’ll let you know in a couple months (political reference). Welcome to another edition of blah blah name title designation alias tag. Hey…that might stick.

So, a LOT has happened over the past month or more. Let’s see…what could be the biggest? Hmmm… I remember something ridiculous happened… OH RIGHT DONALD TRUMP WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HOW COULD I FORGET??? Well this was certainly unexpected news (sneaky Trump supporters didn’t hit the pre-election polls this year…or ever). But I digress…who knows what this Trump fellow is actually going to do. I just hope for the country’s sake, he takes this seriously and surrounds himself with smart and SANE people.

Now let’s stick to the protesting aspect and step into the normal theme of this article and get into some SPORTS! ZOMG! So unless you’ve been living under Fraggle Rock, you probably know that race relations in this country seem to not be doing well. There have been a rash of officer-involved shootings involving minorities and people aren’t smiling, obviously. Because of that, we’ve seen different organizations form like #blacklivesmatter or…actually I don’t know if any other ones have come together. That one’s the biggest anyway. It’s a great way for those affected to bring awareness to these things that are happening using peaceful means. When supporters go to a rally or protest, that is their sole purpose for going there. To protest. When I go to work, I go for the sole purpose of being an employee of the job I was hired for, and I do that job. For whatever reason; money, experience, occasional thrill, mostly just money, I go to my job and do my job.

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images
Photo: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

In the world of the NFL there is a quarterback for the lowly San Francisco 49ers named Colin Kaepernick. He’s kind of a douche. First off, he’s not very good. Good arm, very athletic, but not very accurate. Not a classic “winner.” Again, unless you’ve been living under Fraggle Rock, you know that he has been protesting our national anthem before every game by taking a knee. He says until change comes to the United States where people of color are no longer being repressed in any way, he will continue to take a knee. Well, the message is great! If I feel like I am being treated unfairly, and everyone “similar” to me is too, then I will probably try to get a whole bunch of people together to complain with me to those that will listen and/or those that can do something about it. Protesting is your right, according to the United State’s constitution.

Now hold on…wait up…remember what I was saying when I said that when I go to work, I go to work? You know what Colin’s job is? NFL Quarterback. Do you know what I would GIVE to be a freakin NFL Quarterback?! A majority of my possessions! So what does Colin turn into when he goes to work? A “QB” for much of it, but he also becomes a protestor, when a vast majority of his teammates are standing right next to him being a TEAM on a football field. THAT is where I think he is wrong. I played football for 5 years of my concussion-filled life, and if there is something that I never wanted to do, it’s do ANYTHING to make my team LESS cohesive. I believe that unless every single player on your football team has collectively decided to kneel during our beautiful national anthem, you just don’t do anything to that degree to bring attention to yourself and not to your team. At this point, he isn’t known for being a QB, but rather the guy that hates America (and vice versa). If anything, it HAS raised awareness for his issue, but I really don’t believe that kind of awareness is going to solve anything. He says he will donate some money to the right causes, but what does that mean? Where does it actually go? GET OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING!

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images
Photo: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

AND NOW, here’s the great thing…back to the beginning of this article once again…you know, where I talked about the new president and how crazy this is and implied that this was the biggest and most important election of the last 9,848,904,279,874,289,024 years or so. COLIN KAEPERNICK DIDN’T EVEN VOTE! TALK ABOUT FAILING TO EXERCISE YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT! WOW! So he will continue to kneel during our national anthem and look like someone who is selfish and undeserving, yet he won’t go make an actual change by voting. Just…just terrible.

I don’t know…all this political stuff bums me out at this point. What do you think? Let me know on Twitter @souporsizemore. I’ll try to actually be funny on the next episode. This last month has just clipped my goat. Wait, is that a saying? Clipped my……hair? Got my goat? Ate my yak? I don’t know, it has just upset me. And I’m sure many of you. Maybe it didn’t? Just let me know. GOOD BYE FOR NOW, FRIENDS! 

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