WILW: A Bit of the ol’ Nostalgia…

Back in the day, the Monday Night Wars were amazing to watch. The NWO was taking over WCW. DX was running wild in WWE. Superstars were jumping from company to company. The rumor sites were abuzz with who would be leaving who and just exactly who the newest member of the NWO would be. But all that changed once WCW beat the NWO into the ground, DX split up, and Vince McMahon bought his competition. Now, there really isn’t the feeling that a major star could show up on another show because WWE is the only major show in town, at least on American TV. It’s not a huge deal when the former Damien Sandow shows up on TNA TV because no one cares about TNA except for the Hardy’s. But this video right here, this is close. NJPW and Bullet Club may be in a bit of a transitional phase right now but with the recent addition of Adam Cole to its ranks, things are looking up. Wrestle Kingdom is the big NJPW show and for the first time in a long time, a former WWE superstar is about to make their debut in a big bad way. Cody is coming, Cody is Bullet Club. I haven’t had this feeling in quite awhile and man did I miss it. Check the video below and hit me up in twitter, @geekadedan, to let me know how you feel about Cody joining Bullet Club or any of your favorite jumps from back in the day. Until then…

Dean DeFalco

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Dean DeFalco

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