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I’d like to start this week with complete honesty. For the last few years, about seven I think, every time there has been a big change rumored in WWE the internet wrestling community has fantasy booked the return of Shane McMahon. The prodigal son, the heir apparent to the throne, has been gone for too long. You see, we loved him. We missed him. And after the stale presentation the last few years, we unabashedly needed him. Here was a kid who grew up in the business but wasn’t a wrestler by trade. He was a business man being groomed by his father, Vince, to take over the company one day. He eventually entered the ring and put on some of the craziest performances you could imagine. (and see in the videos below) But then, after being a major part of the product for years, he left. The real story hasn’t been, and probably never really will, be told. Shane left to start a business in China. He was out. Until this past Monday. Until Vince was in the ring with Stephanie presenting her with a legacy award and the call of “Here comes the money” rang out. And the crowd, as they say, got hyped as fuck. Chants of “Holy shit” and “This is awesome” deafened the arena.  And for damn good reason.

Shane McMahon has never been the best wrestler. He has taken some of the biggest bumps and done some of the craziest moves ever, but technically, he has never been better than average. His character though, aside from the balls out style, has always been really fun to watch. Shane is gold on the mic. He has a certain, for lack of a better term, swagger, that is almost unmatched. He has instantly injected major personality back into the WWE. The fact that he will be, maybe/maybe not, having a match with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania is icing on the cake. His matches are some of the most fun matches in the history of the company. He has that certain something. When he is on, you have to watch. Shane is back for good and I couldn’t be happier. RAW is interesting again by virtue of his presence. He makes the show fun. Check out the matches below to find out what kind of insanity he is capable of and follow me on twitter and instagram, @geekadedan, to let me know what you think about his return and just how hyped you are.

WWFKurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon (King of The… by sportsvipwiner


WWE Unforgiven 2003 – Shane McMahon vs Kane in… by TRANCIUS

Shane McMahon vs .Big Show Backlash 2001 by wertikalas

Shane McMahon returns to WWE_ Raw, February 22… by gameworld7

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