WILW: The Sting is Dead. Long Live the Sting! (…sorry)

Okay so terrible title aside, I couldn’t help myself, this week brings about the inevitable yet still shitty news that Sting is retiring from the ring. His final match, against Seth Rollins, will go down as one of his best. At 56, the man could still put on a show. There were moments where I even believed he might take the belt, a testament to his ability as a performer. (realistically there was no way the WWE were going to put the belt on a 56 year old man) But the injuries sustained in that match, from two turnbuckle powerbombs, finally put the proverbial nail in his coffin. Being forced to retire is a terrible way to go. This was a man who spent his entire life doing what he loved and he wasn’t given the chance to walk away on his own terms. That sucks. What makes his retirement even worse is the sheer number of missed opportunities. He did get a match at Wrestlemania but to be honest, it was a complete shit show involving the NWO, DX, and Sting losing to Triple H for no discernible reason. We never got to see him against the WWE’s top guys. Hell, I would kill for a Sting versus Kevin Owens match. His 14 years, four-fucking-teen years!, in TNA really stand out now as robbing the wrestling community as a whole. He did good work there but man, if he had signed with WWE we could have seen Sting versus Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Bray Wyatt, and perhaps most tragically, The Undertaker. That match, Icon versus Deadman, is fantasy matchmaking 101. And it was right there. Sting was in the company, Undertaker was ready, but no. Instead, the above mentioned shit show is what Sting got while Taker took on Bray Wyatt in a completely underwhelming match. Oh well.

To celebrate the man called Sting, below is maybe my favorite match of his from the “Crow” period in WCW. It was 1999, on Nitro, against DDP for the WCW title. It was Sting in his prime, and white boots, taking on a red hot DDP. It’s a great match that has basically everything that made Sting great. Watch the match and follow me on twitter and instagram, @geekadedan, and let me know what you think Sting’s best match is and what match you wish you would have seen him wrestle. 

Sting vs. Diamond Dallas Page by wcwAttitude

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