WILW: Aztec Warfare 2

Lucha Underground is rapidly becoming my favorite wrestling show. Season Two has been going strong for a few weeks now and it honestly just keeps getting better. We’ve talked about LU a bit before but in lieu of going back and reading through the archives the main take away is this, Lucha Underground is one big superhero/action movie drama. It is a wrestling show that puts a lot of emphasis on the show aspect. It is heavily scripted in a way no other wrestling show has been before. There are multiple character arcs going on at a given time and each “character” gets screen time and development. The story transcends traditional wrestling tropes of good guy v bad guy and delves into myth, mysticism, superheroics, basically a live action comic book. It’s a refreshing change of pace from the other major promotions who seem to be storytelling week to week as opposed to story to story. And then there’s the wrestling itself. LU has some of the top stars in the business from all over the planet. The in ring action is incredible from match to match. These guys and gals can go, hard. It’s a phenomenal program worthy of your attention on a weekly basis.

If you’ve never seen a LU show, this match right here is as good a place as any to start. Like any good promotion, LU has its fair share of signature matches. Aztec Warfare is one of these. In the match, 20 wrestlers (in this case spoilers… 21) fight to eliminate each other by pinfall or submission. 2 wrestlers start with a new competitor entering every 90 seconds. It’s a nice change from the traditional over the top rope elimination style match and really gives the performers a chance to put together some big spots. Aztec Warfare 2 was super hyped and damn if it didn’t deliver. Check it out below and follow me on twitter and instagram, @geekadedan, to let me know what you thought. And then check back here next week for 2 WILW posts spotlighting NXT Takeover Dallas and a little event WWE is putting on called Wrestlemania. 

Lucha Underground 23 March 2016 HD… by scorpionking426

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