WILW: Roadblock Predictions

Bit of a short one due to some family issues this week. But, there is a network special this Saturday night so a prediction post we shall have. Apparently WWE decided that they should have an alternate reality Wrestlemania this year. I’m actually pretty hyped for the event as it features some big time matches and it’s on a Saturday. (hangovers are much better Sunday morning) So read on and find out just who I think walks away with the W at Roadblock.

The Revival vs Enzo and Cass

So Dash and Dawson are now The Revival. These two are old school, Arn Anderson type ass kickers. I love them, a lot. Their run as NXT Champs has been awesome since they have looked every bit the dominant team they are booked to be. They hit hard and fast with no wasted movements. Their finisher, a flapjack knees to the face buster, is dope as well. And then there is Enzo and Cass. Arguably the best mic man outside of Paul Heyman, Enzo is super entertaining. He’s not the best technical wrestler I’ve ever seen but the guy has big time charisma and can go when he wants to. Colin Cassiday is a big seven footer who moves really well and has pretty much everything you could want in a “big guy”. This match should be a ton of fun with a really nice comeback spot from Enzo. Ultimately though, The Revival takes this in another heartbreaker for Enzo and Cass because they need the belts and Enzo and Cass need the main roster.

Prediction: The Revival

Brock Lesnar versus Bray Wyatt

Why this match isnt happening at Mania is beyond me but at least we get it here. The story behind this match is lacking a bit as Lesnar isnt on TV every week. Wyatt is a good opponent for him though as he can take an ass kicking and look good doing it. This match should be hard as shit with some pretty devastating looking spots thrown down by both men. Unfortunately though, even though he could use the W, there is almost no way Wyatt wins this match. 

Prediction: Lesnar

The League of Nations versus The New Day

New Day have been champs for quite awhile and have consistently been the most entertaining thing on WWE TV. The League of Nations on the other hand have a ton of potential but no real direction ither than that of generic heels. The pairing of Sheamus and Barrett is a good one though and the match should be fun. (as long as neither gets hurt, never a sure thing with those two) I expect some tomfoolery and/chicanery from the outside. Ultimately though, I just cant see where New Day losing the belts now makes any sense.

Prediction: New Day

Triple H versus Dean Ambrose

Look, there is no way Triple H is losing the belt this close to Mania. That match, the main event against Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship, is what the last few years of storytelling has been building towards. So, that being said, why even watch this match right? Because Dean Ambrose. The guy is putting in work right now. He’s everywhere. This match at Roadblock means WWE believes in him as a future champ. It will be a bananas match simply because there are going to be a few spots where all of us, ALL OF US, will actually forget about Mania and think Dean can win. It will be glorious if not a bit disappointing. My guess is that Dean will get screwed out of the title by his own Mania opponent Brock Lesnar. A run in ensures that both Trips and Dean look good in the match and that Trips can go on to Mania to lose to Roman.

Prediction: Triple H

So there you have it. Not a bad show on paper. Will it live up to the potential? Check me out on twitter and instagram, @geekadedan, and let me know what you think of the show. Make sure to check back here next week as we dive headfirst into the mat with more wrestling goodness.

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