WILW: Dalton Castle

Dalton Castle, real name Brett Giehl, is the latest in a long line of flamboyant, androgynous wrestlers. That list, names like Ric Flair and Gorgeous George to name two extremely heavy hitters, is a hard one to crack and an even harder one to build a career on. But boy howdy has Castle done so. His entrance alone, see the first video linked with the post, cements him on that list. The charisma this guy has is astonishing. It’s hard to look away when he is in the ring. It helps that backing up all that charisma is legit wrestling talent. Before turning pro, Castle was an amateur wrestler in New York. He was a state champion and a member of Team USA. He was also a drive time DJ…

Entrance aside, Castle can go in the ring. All of that flamboyance masks the fact that he is truly damn good. Not the biggest guy in the world, 5ft 11 and 211 lbs., Castle is deceptively strong. He can pull off some big time power suplexes that you wouldn’t expect to see coming from a guy his size. He does a bit of high flying but nothing crazy. His in ring psychology is good and he knows how to play a crowd. And he should. He’s been doing this for years now and is finally starting to break. He started off on smaller independent shows in the New York area but has really made his mark in ROH. He instantly connected with the crowd. He has had some really good matches with top ROH talent and he looks like he belongs. He should be a big star for them for quite awhile if they play their cards right. 

Take a look at some of his matches below and follow me on twitter and instagram, @geekadedan, to let me know what you think about the Party Peacock. Personally, I love this guy and see really big things for him. In ROH, he is a future world champion. If he were to go to NXT/WWE we would be looking at a future Intercontinental Champion without question. No matter his path though, I can’t wait to watch. Until then…

Bonus fun fact, the rumor is that Dalton Castle took his ring name from two Patrick Swayze characters, James Dalton from Road House and Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing…

Dalton Castle & Ryusuke Taguchi vs… by funkblaster

Dalton Castle vs. Frankie Kazarian by funkblaster

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