WILW: AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns

This past week at WWE Payback, Roman Reigns had arguably his best singles match in his relatively short career. He and AJ Styles tore the damn place down and even though the ending was not what I would have preferred, it was an incredible match. The story telling here is on point. The moves and counter moves are on point. The spots were well planned and executed. It was, to be honest, the match Roman needed to have. People are not behind him at all as champ, that much is obvious. People are behind AJ Styles, that much is also obvious. In order for Roman as a top-level guy to work, he needs more of this. Thankfully, we are getting a rematch in a few weeks at Extreme Rules. Until then, check this match out and follow me on twitter and instagram, @geekadedan, and let me know what you thought.

Payback 2016 | AJ Styles vs Roman Reings by dj10001

Dean DeFalco

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