WILW: The Final Deletion

As if there was anything else that I could write about this week. Look, full disclosure, I was a huge Hardy mark back in the day. When they were the new Brood in WWE, The Hardy Boys, in TLC matches, Jeff’s first solo run and that match with ‘Taker, Matt Hardy V.1, I loved it. They did some crazy stuff and were super watchable. But then the drugs hit and hit hard. Jeff went totally off the deep end and started bouncing back and forth between WWE and TNA. Matt eventually finished out his WWE contract, went to ROH, then landed in TNA as well. Along the way, I had moved on. Jeff soured me completely and Matt just sort of faded from my personal radar. I had written them off. And oh how wrong I was.

You see Matt Hardy has been doing brilliant work lately. For a few months he was going around as Big Money Matt; basically a internet commentor come to life. He would parade around bragging about his super hot wife, his money, and his brand. It was classic heel work but it was good. He even held the TNA title for a time. But then he lost, and lost the rematch due to his brother Jeff. And that is where the proverbial shit came off the rails. Matt and Jeff had an I Quit match to settle the score which Matt lost. The score was unsettled. Matt left TV for a few weeks while rumors of him having finally broke began to run. In the weeks that followed Willow, the alter ego of Jeff Hardy, began to attack Jeff Hardy. (stay with me) On an episode of Impact, multiple Willow’s attacked Jeff leading to the return of Matt Hardy as Broken Matt Hardy complete with frizzy badly dyed hair and an accent so over the top it would make the most amateur of high school Shakespeare productions look like well, actual Shakespeare. Just look at this video for a hint of how insane this got.

The brothers went on to have a steel cage match which Matt again lost. The score remained unsettled. The match at Slammiversary was classic Hardy, so a spot fest. But what came after, just glorious. Matt challenged Jeff to one final match. The match was to take place back where it all began, the “Sanctuary of their genesis”, a backyard in North Carolina. And take place it did. It was absurdist TV at its finest. Taken for what it is, it is fucking brilliant. I loved it, every second. Check it out below and follow me on twitter, @geekadedan, to let me know what you thought. It certainly won’t be match of the year but it should at least be submitted to Cannes.

Dan Ryan

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