Desert Island Playlist Track 2: The Honest Truth

Typhoon – “The Honest Truth” off of A New Kind Of House

I’m pretty sure the first time I heard this song was on the amazing TV spy comedy Chuck. He’s running out of a building jumping through a glass window in slow motion as the horns and jangling acoustic guitar take us out.

The song quickly became one of my favorites and I don’t think has left my iPhone since. The band itself grew on me and when they finally came to NYC, I made sure to see this 11-piece band live. That’s 11 people (and 11 people’s worth of equipment) on a very small stage at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC. I was very excited to be able to hear these horns, strings and the endearing chorus of “piss and moan you let the devil in your home” live and in person. Hopefully, they would deliver.

Most of lead singer and song writer Kyle Morton’s lyrics have a very morbid take on things. He’s struggled with Lyme’s disease since childhood. Lyrically, many of Typhoon’s songs are what I would call morbidly optimistic. Morton somehow ties together thoughts of death with aggressive perseverance.

“The Honest Truth” reminds me that I’m not special, unless I consider everyone else special. A reminder that we need to treat each other the way we want to be treated. A reminder that chances are, you’ve done some bad stuff even if you think it was the right move. People can get hurt when you are trying to save others, or when you’re trying to save yourself. “I never said I was honest, but I am true.” It’s not always easy, but I’m working on it.

It was the first concert that my wife and I went to after our son was born. Looking forward to a night out was an understatement. Typhoon didn’t disappoint as their mini rock orchestra played song after song with all of the pieces flawlessly flowing between each other. Song after song. I kept waiting for that guitar to hit. Waiting. Okay. They finished their first set with “Post Script” from their White Lighter album and I was floored with how beautiful it was. The string duo played the band off the stage with several minutes of sweeping violins.

It’s encore time and I’m ready! Obviously the song that broke out on “Chuck” will be there. Part of the song actually appears on the 2012 album “Hunger and Thirst” as “Mouth of the Cave.” Albeit a much more uptempo foot stomper than “Honest Truth.” Unfortunately the band’s initial set ran too long and I believe they had to cut it.

I’m waiting for them to make a return trip back to NYC so don’t worry! Although it has been another 3 years now! Until then, I will make sure this song doesn’t leave my side.

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