Turn It Up: New Music Releases for April 2017

It’s officially Spring, and new life is breathing into the world! Flowers will bloom soon, the sun is shining, temps are finally rising, and new music is coming to our speakers! …gosh that’s a peppy little opening – I must really, really love music to get that positive. Let’s get to it then!

Karen Elson – Double Roses

Release date: 4/7
I discovered Karen Elson on the advice of my cousin when I was looking for albums to review on my own site, Ears Like A Hawke. I remember being entranced by her music. I don’t think that, at that time, I would have ever sought this performer or these tunes out myself, and maybe I did less than I should have to follow up.

A few songs remained on my catch-all playlist, and I enjoyed them in the background of my life over the following few years. Karen became a name I knew without dwelling, but always enjoying.

“Distant Shore” came up on my Release Radar recently, and I found myself completely stopped and listening. This was no longer background music – this was taking center stage to my ears. I listened a few times over, eventually catching the attention of my cube-mate, sparking an entire conversation and tracking down more.

Needless to say, Karen is winning everything back in my book here. She is surpassing her last release, and April 7th is already looking to be an on-repeat kind of day for this new album.

Other 4/7 releases:

Father John Misty – Pure Comedy

Michelle Branch – Hopeless Romantic

John Mayer – The Search For Everything

Release date: 4/14

Want to feel old? This is John Mayer’s seventh studio album. Seventh.

And while he remains our same old John Mayer, there’s no denying that he has done exactly whatever he’s wanted to with music. This seems to be no exception.

The release was done in a really different way – actually consisting of three EPs released in the first three months of the year (or, so says Wiki – I don’t actually see Wave Three up on Spotify yet), and this April album is the full compilation. We started off with “Love On The Weekend,” and I don’t think I ever realized how happy I’d be to hear new John Mayer music.

So you’re given half to two-thirds of an album early on. I have to admit, it’s a little tough to get excited when you’ve heard that much, but for as quickly as folks consume music and desire for more, maybe this approach isn’t all that weird. Then again, as we said at the start – seven albums in, Mayer gets to do whatever the heck Mayer wants.

Other 4/14 releases:

Little Dragon – Season High

Splashh – Waiting A Lifetime

Brad Paisley – Love and War

Release date: 4/21

I spoke too soon with the John Mayer/seventh album comment – this is Brad Paisley’s eleventh album. Talk about traction.

Some folks may have heard the single “Without A Fight,” a really good crossover diet with Demi Lovato. This was slated to be the first single off this album, but isn’t even included. Instead, the first single is a very predictable Paisley tune, “Today.” I suppose you go with what has always worked for you.

Interesting to note though is that there are other incredibly cool collaborations here too. The likes of Mick Jagger, John Fogerty, and Timbaland join Brad for this in one way or another. It’s not very surprising, as Brad Paisley is seen to be one of the guitar gods of country music, and has certainly proven his staying power.

It will be really interesting to see, however, if these collaborations spark new life and sound to Brad’s music, and to see just how experimental he can get without losing his very familiar 90’s country boy sound.

Other 4/21 releases:

Incubus – 8

Ray Davies – Americana

Feist – Pleasure

Release date: 4/28

I’ve just come to realize that April music seems to be on the mellow side. It’s like the melodies know we all need to be eased out of a hard winter and into a softer spring.

Self-described: “Thematically, the album is said to explore emotional limits … loneliness, private ritual, secrets, shame, mounting pressures, disconnect, tenderness, rejection, care and the lack thereof.”

In other words, this is a ride, and maybe not so soft as I thought. Instead, this may be the album that you need to hunker down with and take a good look into your soul. I suppose six years between albums could result in such a hefty compilation. And maybe, just maybe, that escape she’s diving into in the cover art is what we’ll all be looking for throughout the experience.

Other 4/28 releases:

New Found Glory – Makes Me Sick

Gorillaz – Humanz

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