Geekade Celebrates International Women’s Day

Geek Girl by Karen Hallion, copyright 2015
Geek Girl by Karen Hallion, copyright 2015

Feminists believe in equality of the sexes and we here at Geekade are feminists. Women don’t always have it easy in the geek world. They’re underrepresented, constantly at risk for harassment and predatory behavior, and are often excluded, intentionally or otherwise, from conversations about their passions. So, to mark International Women’s Day, we wanted to thank our awesome, passionate female contributors by highlighting the work they do that we value so much. Representation matters and we work hard to make sure we represent all geeks, men and women. So take a few minutes to check out what they do!

Dawn writes about anything and everything geeky, from crafting to sci-fi to anime. You can find all her work in the Think Tank, including her analysis of the new Voltron series on Netflix and her review of Moana.

Evelin is half of BeCosplay. She and her partner Blake share cosplay tips and great costumes from cons they attend in videos proudly distributed here on Geekade. 

Gabbie covers all angles of home automation for Geekade. In this recent piece, she analyzes how all her automation gadgets could conspire to make her meet her doom in the event of a robot apocalypse. In this one, she shares inspiration for future acquisitions to her automation arsenal, gained from adventures in Stardew Valley.

Janelle is our resident music expert. She writes a monthly column called Turn It Up, previewing upcoming music releases week by week. You can find the latest one here.

Jessie, a.k.a. J-Pain, mostly works behind the scenes. If you see a Geekade booth at a convention, chances are Jessie’s there. She also appears as a guest on the latest episode of This Week’s Episode, discussing Riverdale.

Karen is one third of the This Week’s Episode podcast. As a written contributor, her current project is the Back to Hogwarts series (read the latest one here), a revisitation of the Harry Potter book series. She’s also written Spoilers recaps for Doctor Who (which will be returning next month), Geekade Top Tens, and a variety of Think Tank articles. 

Michelle’s most recent work was covering Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events for our Spoilers series (they start here).  She’s also always on hand for Twitch streaming and other video content. 

Patti is one half of our X-Men podcast, Mutant Musings. She and fellow contributor Jonathan discuss all matters in the X-Men Universe in comics, TV, and movies. 

Samantha is the genius behind PunchDoktor cosplay, and has written how-to articles showing off her talents in costume design and construction. Check out how she modified store-bought fairy wings for a kickass Tinkerbell cosplay here and her tutorial on making a crown for her impressive Princess Peach cosplay here.

Tiff is a written contributor and past co-host/occasional guest on The Stone Age Gamer podcast (her most recent appearance is here). She and Dan Ryan co-authored the 12 Days of Questionable Christmas series (which starts here) about some unorthodox holiday movies. 

Trish’s most recent work is in our Spoilers recap series, now covering Legion as ably as she did for the most recent season of Venture Brothers. She also pens our Before Their Time series, covering pop culture and technology from the recent past that was gone too soon.

Vicky is one half of the WaveBack podcast, bringing her unique perspective on the world of video game music. She’s also an occasional written contributor. Check out her recent post about MoonHunters.

Thank you from the bottom of our big geeky hearts to all these awesome women for making Geekade a great place for all geeks. Happy International Women’s Day!

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