You Shall Not Pass Go Episode 19: Leaks And Tweaks

To Sum It Up: Hands on with Commander 2017, our heroes give quick reviews of the big commanders. After that, our heroes discuss their personal “un” cards, weigh in on the recent Ixalan leaks PR message form Wizards, and get a fresh look at Sexy Jace. Then our heroes ponder the elements they like to have when they play D&D, talk a bit about world building, and have an impromptu at a young Dave’s personal campaign setting “Misthaven”. They end with a rather unsatisfying review of the Game of Thrones RPG, followed by running off medium to discuss the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale – or in this case, Dave semi-explains the gist of GoT to Cengiz.

Episode Breakdown:

  • MTG 0:06
  • D&D 39:17
  • Board Games 1:30:15

Show Notes:

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