31 Years in 31 Days: Horror Flicks from 2006

Image result for Slither 2006I mean, I saw flicks… I mean flick. One. Singular. (sensation? a chorus line reference?) There were other movies that came out in 2006 but… eww. The Hills Have Eyes remake (do they? do they have eyes todd?), a Texas Chainsaw prequel, Silent Hill (not that bad but still), and more Saw and I Know movies. No, there was really only one flick worth mentioning this year. (i promise it gets better) Slither came out in 2006 and shook me. Because its gross. James Gunn made this movie starring Nathan Fillion, Michael Rooker, and Elizabeth Banks. And it did not do well in theaters. At all. A total bomb. Which is a shame because as silly as it is overall, it’s a really solid flick. The premise goes like this: a meteorite filled with an alien parasite crashes into South Carolina and infects a car salesman named Grant. Grant, as the host for said parasite, makes it his mission to spread these slug-like critters far and wide. He infects a girl named Brenda and keeps her locked in a shed consisting on a diet of raw meat. Grant’s wife Starla gets suspicious of the changes in his life and gets the police involved. As the police track and find Brenda they are just too late as she explodes, infecting most of the officers who then proceed to eat the town, minus our marquee stars of course. What follows is an over the top, insanely entertaining monster destruction flick that is just fun. Which, given the subject matter, sounds weird I agree. But it is. It never takes itself too seriously and delivers on the promise of a movie starring Fillion and featuring a bunch of slugs trying to take over the planet. It is a brutal movie with a very, VERY high body count. If you’ve never seen this movie, and chances are you haven’t, you should do so now. I mean really, look at that poster… so majestic….

Dan Ryan

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