The Imbibing Scribe: A Beer for Summer Nights

Summer is a notoriously thin season for fans of interesting beer

 I went on a little expedition to my local store. I bought a selection of seasonal beers from breweries I know and trust. For the most part, I was immensely disappointed. There were attempts at kolsch, weak Belgian blondes, thin lagers with a hint of fruit. Boring, poorly executed, and predictable. And then I tried Great Lakes Brewing’s Chillwave Double IPA. I am no longer disappointed.

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Game of Spoilers 010: Mother’s Mercy (or Hope is for Suckers)

You didn’t think good things were going to happen, did you?

As the story lines (in general) clicked back into the groove of the novels, the season finale got better and better, and harder and harder to watch. This episode seemed designed to build hope only to crush it. Perhaps I am a literary masochist, but I am pleased.

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