E-Win Racing: The Best Bang for Your Buck

For years, I’ve dealt with sitting on whatever I’ve had because it was easy and I didn’t want to spend a whole mess of money. “Gaming chairs” had become popular but they were pricey with some of them carrying prices bordering on absolutely ludicrous. For instance, the “Secretlab TITAN 2020” series, a particular Titan of the industry, lists at 429 dollars USD. For a chair. I’m not saying it’s not worth the price, but I don’t ever have a 430 budget for a chair.

      My chair wasn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, it was just old. It was probably fifteen years old or more – my chair was in high school. It was also an A+ student as an office chair with all of the bells and whistles. Actually, it had come to me second hand so it could have been even older. Over the last few years, sitting still in it had become more difficult because the padding had worn down to the point where I could feel the frame through the seat. If you have any sort of job or hobby that involves sitting, probably in front of a screen, for long stretches of time, it’s important to be comfortable…And I was no longer comfortable.

The E-Win Knight Series Gaming Chair

      My girlfriend and I moved in together and I moved up from streaming from my bedroom to actually having (half of) an office! I got my whole place set up and was quite happy with how my desk turned out except I was missing a worthy chair. I didn’t want to even move my old chair in because I knew if I did, I’d probably just continue to live with it until something major happened, like if we moved again, and satisfy myself with the few bucks saved.

As I was on the verge of bringing over my old chair, I received an email from a company called “E-win Racing” and they offered the chance to try one of their chairs. Having never used an office gaming chair, I was intrigued and said “Sure, send it over”. In the mean time I checked out their site and product listings and it seemed as legit as any other gaming chair company but for roughly half the price. I didn’t know what to expect, having never owned a chair like this. I wondered what was in the fine print – what was I sacrificing for this chair to cost so much less than others in its class?

I still don’t know what I’m sacrificing. I got the chair from E-win and I put it through its paces for three weeks including long gaming sessions, production work, blocks of time sitting and streaming online, plus having friends come by and having them try it out. After three weeks, it doesn’t show a lick of wear.

I was curious as to what other chairs were in this $199 price range so I checked out the market. Many chairs may resemble the “E-win Knight series” that I had received but they all seemed to cost $100 to $150 dollars more and the features were largely the same. For instance, another “Racing” named competitor promising “U comfort” sells for $299 and sports many of the same features – tilt lock, adjustable arm rests, head and back cushions, and a class 4 gas lift. Both chairs have a faux leather material upholding them, but the E-win is rated to support more weight with it’s max figure quoted at 400 lbs and the other Racer boasting 308. “The E-win Knight Series” also safely leans back further with a range of 85 to 155 degrees and its competitor only offering 90 to 135. While the “E-win Knight Series” doesn’t list how far the full tilt feature on the chair spans, both have that option.

They add ten horsepower bro

Assembly was a breeze; I was able to get it together in about half an hour and I was taking my time. There were only a few screws and nothing was incredibly heavy so it was a simple, one person job. The one thing I noticed right away was how smooth the wheels felt. Now, I’m retired from my professional downhill chair racing days, but this thing could probably glide across my living room with a single push. The wheels even have little rims, which is cheesy but in a good way. It makes the chair seem a little sleeker because they’re matching the secondary accent color of the chair (for me, they’re neon blue).

E-Win gaming chairs are great. In specific, the “E-Win Knight Series” is a fantastic entry level gaming chair. You won’t find much for any less money that has the same quality and you can always find ways to spend more but “advanced” features from competitors like a removable magnetic headrest or aluminum wheelbase aren’t going to make me want to shell out the extra 2-300 dollars. Even if you want something nicer, there’s no need to look any further than E-win since their product catalog has many more models at other price points to cater to every taste and budget. Head on over to E-win’s website, https://bit.ly/3wybTRR , check out some of their products, and upgrade your gear!

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