Mutant Musings Episode 65: Rage Against The Machine

Patti opens this episode with a heartwarming puppy tale, Jonathan makes it awkward with fruit trauma, but by the end, it’s nothing but laughter as Patti learns about the Fantastic Four. There’s talk of cop shows, sex on the beach, and men’s inability to communicate. What the heck is butt cotton? How can YOU enter a contest to WIN FREE STUFF?! Find out on this episode of Mutant Musings!

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Jonathan Robert

Jonathan loves comic books and he loves coffee. Jonathan’s mother gave him his first taste of coffee at the tender age of 3 and it was love at first sip. He now needs to wheel around an IV drip of caffeine at all times or else he turns into a dark, monstrous creature that feeds on despair and makes babies cry. The local village-folk have kept him locked away ever since the “decaf catastrophe of ‘06.” When allowed out of his dungeon, he writes various articles for Geekade, including the monthly column, “Welcome to the D-List,” and records the "Mutant Musings" podcast with his geek-tastic girlfriend, Patti.

3 thoughts on “Mutant Musings Episode 65: Rage Against The Machine

  • February 19, 2020 at 6:20 pm

    told ya so. bobby was wearing christian’s robe, that screams “couple”. now he can be a real FROST-bite. petition to change his mutant name to frostman.
    fantastic four fans cant be mad cause this is 100% in reed’s past. ever since franklin’s powers have manifested he has done everything to NOT address it. either by not training him in his powers (despite telling the x-men he would thats why he doesnt need to go to charles’ school) to forbidding franklin from using his powers (ex: when he would run with power pack he would always think to himself “my dad will be mad if use my powers but my friends are in trouble what do i do”) to actually taking franklin’s powers away from him. reed has always been a douche and sue and the kids are the only reason i’ve put up with the FF books.
    mysty sigh you guys know how much i love her so this book was MARVOULOUS to me. i instantly wanted to read it again. so much fun, intrigue, drama, heart, and suspense. im beyond ready for more spotlights on my girl!

    • February 20, 2020 at 5:40 am

      lmao I love Frostbite XD why the hell has Sue put up with this jackass for so many years?!

      • February 20, 2020 at 10:20 am

        short answer: she be in love. long answer: they are marvel’s first family and can’t have them divorce (even though they have been separated before). this stuff happened back in the age of “if you think its best honey” plus she is an over protective mom so she is frightened for her child to have so much power where as (to me at least) reed is afraid OF his child but plays it off as a douting father


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