Mutant Musings Favorite Stories: Part 1

Patti and Jonathan discuss “Inferno” and Wolverine vol. 4 which featured the morbidly amazing story of the Red Right Hand. Patti tries to impress everyone with motorcycle lingo as Jonathan confuses baby Cable with Nathan Fillion. Would Pony Boy join the Reavers? Do tax cuts to the wealthiest Hand members mean a five-finger discount? Find out on a very special episode of the Mutant Musings podcast!

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Jonathan Robert

Jonathan loves comic books and he loves coffee. Jonathan’s mother gave him his first taste of coffee at the tender age of 3 and it was love at first sip. He now needs to wheel around an IV drip of caffeine at all times or else he turns into a dark, monstrous creature that feeds on despair and makes babies cry. The local village-folk have kept him locked away ever since the “decaf catastrophe of ‘06.” When allowed out of his dungeon, he writes various articles for Geekade, including the monthly column, “Welcome to the D-List,” and records the "Mutant Musings" podcast with his geek-tastic girlfriend, Patti.

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