Mutant Musings Summer Series 2019: X-Men: Evolution

Jonathan and Patti discuss episodes of X-Men: Evolution that you helped pick, so you’ll hear about Polish dubs, smashed cars in England, and walking on the wild side. Patti calls out Wolverine for being a bad dad multiple times as Jonathan does all of the impressions. Is Scott Summers the best detective? Is Patti a wing-shamer? Find out on a special summer series episode of Mutant Musings!

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Jonathan Robert

Jonathan loves comic books and he loves coffee. Jonathan’s mother gave him his first taste of coffee at the tender age of 3 and it was love at first sip. He now needs to wheel around an IV drip of caffeine at all times or else he turns into a dark, monstrous creature that feeds on despair and makes babies cry. The local village-folk have kept him locked away ever since the “decaf catastrophe of ‘06.” When allowed out of his dungeon, he writes various articles for Geekade, including the monthly column, “Welcome to the D-List,” and records the "Mutant Musings" podcast with his geek-tastic girlfriend, Patti.

2 thoughts on “Mutant Musings Summer Series 2019: X-Men: Evolution

  • August 14, 2019 at 8:47 pm

    YAYAYAYAYAAY been watching this every weekend for a few weeks now. sigh jean and new mutants glory! boom boom was so great in this series. walk on the wild side (which i just rewatched last week) so FIERCE! girl power to the max! and yeah im with patti, i always knew it was rhane. and maybe they were pronouncing her nickname of rhaney in the show? just trying to give the folks the benefit of a doubt lol. spiders you say? i know what someone is getting for his birthday (insert smiling devil emoji) hahaha i kid i kid. or do I……………..

    • August 15, 2019 at 5:42 am

      Pffft then thankfully my birthday passed two months ago lol you two are lucky I clearly missed something as a kid. We need to watch this whole series it was SO GOOD!


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