Mutant Musings Summer Series 2019: X-Men: TAS

Patti and Jonathan discuss episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series that you helped pick! Wolverine’s sense of smell, lipstick for Nasty Boys, and Gambit playing “solitaire” are all discussed! How much does Logan love “going where he wants to go?” Is this one for you, Morph? Find out on a special summer series episode of Mutant Musings!

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2 thoughts on “Mutant Musings Summer Series 2019: X-Men: TAS

  • July 11, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    it is and isnt the last episode of x-factor. in the phalanx arc x-factor comes back but isnt a major part of it. polaris is one of the many mutants that the phalanx kidnap and she is one of the people who help to take them down.

    as for my favorite x-men single episode ever aka season 2 episode 9 “a rogue’s tale”, let me put some perspective out there. how rogue’s powers work, she is just making a COPY of the person’s powers and memories. once she has them they are HERS so she cant return them to the person. this is stated in the episode and in the comics. that is why carol never fully got her memories or powers back. she worked with xavier to get her memories back but she never got the emotional attachment to them. she only got her powers back because the brood experimented on her making her into binary. so the show stayed very true to the comics and how it played out. xavier surpressed carol’s memories in rogue and when he went away into space there was no one around to do so (jean was “dead” at the time) so that is when the carol persona would pop up. first only when rogue would be knocked unconscious. after years of struggling they learned to co-exist. then the siege perilous happened and carol was separated from rogue (with the green monster form) and rogue had no powers at all (thats how she and magneto created their romantic relationship for the first time). long story short the carol beast is defeated and rogue gets all the powers with none of the handicap (no DID issues anymore). its a complicated story with many nuances which cant be ignored and brushed off as “right or wrong”. its like a homeless person stealing food to survive vs a financially stable person stealing a diamond. rogue, xavier, and jean in this analogy are the homeless person. the carol persona did NOT want to co-exist but rule the body. they dont know her but they know and love rogue so without the ability to return her to her body they did the only thing they could for the sake of their friend: suppress the carol persona. the ending is a subtle way of rectifying all the “bad” choices up to that point. rogue tells them carol’s true name so she is no longer a jane doe and they can reach out to her people. she touches her forehead which glows seemingly implying she put the persona back in (or caused a jolt to her system to wake her). the monitor beeps and her lip quivers letting us know she is waking up. we have our rogue and carol has her life back, happy ending. i love this episode for so many reasons. at the time rogue was my favorite x-man, mystique was my favorite non-x-man and im a sucker for origin stories and mind shit (hence why i love my telepaths lol). there was so much great drama and acting, touching moments with homeless rogue being taken in by mystique (insert sad face emoji) this episode is a tear jerker and a heart string puller. it sums up to me everything that makes the x-men great: complex characters, family, drama, heart, action and making hard choices that on the surface could come off as just bad/evil. 10 out of 5 stars. SASHAY YOU STAY!

    • July 12, 2019 at 6:16 am

      You certainly know your history lol and I appreciate you trying to contextualize it, but what left a bad taste in my mouth was how throughout this episode we see Carol vilified, an antagonist, and ultimately caged to be forgotten. I know it’s not ACTUALLY her, but then the REAL her smiles at the end after we just watched this battle take place where “she’s” the villain. Again, even if it’s not actually her, watching that was extremely jarring, as well as watching Jean put this “person” in a cage at the end. I think the situation between these two characters needed more than one episode, maybe two. I don’t think they did a bad job at all, but to have the “satisfying ending,” for me, fell way short, but I wouldn’t say sashay away XD Glad you love it so much though, because I think having different opinions on things is perfectly fine!


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