PITAthon 2019: Jonathan Robert vs. Mega Man X (Challenge Mode)

Meanwhile, in the world of Mega Man X, Nurse Pretendo puts her robotic repair abilities to the test, but she doesn’t get it quite right every time…


Geekade’s taking on some Mega Man X this year. But not just any old Mega Man X. We’re hitting up the X Challenge mode from the Mega Man X Legacy Collections! It’s called a Challenge Mode for a reason. Will we be up to the… ahem… challenge?


Saturday, August 10th from 8pm-9pm

Who will be playing:
Jonathan Robert from the Mutant Musings Podcast has tackled many Mega Man challenges for PITAthon in past years, and this year he’s keeping that tradition alive. Jonathan is a huge Mega Man fan, and quite adept at the games himself. Still, this mode offers some stiff challenges that should be a lot of fun to watch.

Why it’s a pain in the ass:
Mega Man X bosses can be a pain on their own, especially if you don’t have their weapon weaknesses. But in this mode, Jonathan will have to take on two robot masters at once. And they haven’t been dumbed down at all. It’s just two robot masters doing their thing in the same room at the same time. That’s a lot of chaos, and a lot of opportunities to get the crap kicked out of you. Jonathan will need to keep his wits about him. Can he get through all the challenges in an hour? And if he does, what horrors will we unleash upon him?

That’s all for today. Check back next week for our next game announcement, and a fresh Nurse Pretendo adventure!!!

Kris Randazzo

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