Sparkcast 050 – RobotMasters OVAs 1 & 2

Transformers RobotMasters Animated Short (OVA).  Yes, your eyes do not deceive you; that Title Card shows Victory Leo (God Ginrai), Lio Convoy (Lion Optimus), G1 Optimus Prime, Optimus Primal, & Star Saber.  Versus the deadly threat of Beast Wars Megatron, G1 Starscream, new villains, and a brand new Megatron.  Yes, prepare for the hilariously named threat of Double Megatron!

Episode Notes

RobotMasters OVA 1 HD (No Intro Summary Or Outtro Ad)
RobotMasters OVA 2 HD (No Intro Summary Or Outtro Ad)
RobotMaster OVA 2 (Intro Ad & Outtro Ad) [Ignore Vol 3 In Title – It Is Labeled Incorrectly]
RobotMasters OVA 2 Fan Dub (With Intro Summary & Ad)

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