Sparkcast 052 – The Fantasy, The Fun, The Future (The Worst Unofficial Transformers Book Ever?)

What am I reading? What did they research? Where was an editor? Come see a book that was quickly pumped out before the first live-action movie!

Come face-to-face with this Unofficial Transformers Book from 2006 called “Transformers: The Fun, The Fantasy, The Future.” Discover…sub-par research. Uncover…the secrets of the Transformers (that are sometimes correct). Find out…how to confuse newbie fans by using obscure Transformers with the same name in different continuities (and also using toys that were never in the show). And…just what is The Rock doing here?

I scanned every single page of this monstrosity into a PDF.  Unfortunately, I doubt the copyright on it has expired for me to distribute, so you must purchase it on Amazon for $1.00.

Wait, it is available for FREE to read if you sign up for Internet Archive and check it out as a digital library book!

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