Sparkcast 058 – Deadly Paradise (Storybook) – Pig Robots & Human Antagonists?

Transformers:  Deadly Paradise (A storybook for children, right?).  What is happening?  Art doesn’t help to understand the story and only raises more questions.  There are constant references to pig robots, but the illustrations show completely different robots than what is described.  A human that might be an enemy is only a Deception contractor with no ill will toward the Autobots.  Humans put an Autobot to death without trail.  And worst of all, Optimus accepts their judgement and shuts him down. And, you will not believe your eyes and ears:  A DECEPTICON IS MURDERED!

What dangers (and beautiful birds) await us on the Deadly Island the Autobots find themselves on?  Listen to find out. Read along here.

Episode Notes
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