Staff Picks: Best Thing You Ate in 2019

As the year draws to a close, we turn to our faithful Geekade staff to tell us what they consider to be the ultimate winners (and losers) of the past 12 months.  Join us as we look at 2019 with a critical eye, and please chime in with your own thoughts on a variety of categories.

Today, we ask the Geekade team…

What was the best thing you ate this year?

Brenda Cierech (Tardy to the Party, 31 Days of Horror) Every single savoury pie I ate in English pubs (always accompanied by a pint) this summer while on holiday would be best thing I’ve eaten this year. I usually got the house ale pie, but I also enjoyed a delicious chicken and ham pie. I ate them whenever possible, and each one I consumed made me incredibly happy.

Billy Ludt (Select Your Starter) : The fried chicken dinner from Rincon Criollo in Cleveland, Ohio.

Kris Randazzo (Stone Age Gamer, This Week’s Episode, Waveback) : For my wife’s 40th birthday, I took her on a trip to Pittsburgh to see the Steelers. We ate at this fancy restaurant where I had some absolutely incredible food. However, in a surprising twist, the best food I ate on that trip came from Heinz Field. I went to get food from the concession stands and I wound up getting perogies. They were fried to perfection, and covered in bacon and sauerkraut. Completely blew my mind with deliciousness.

Matt Raimo (Waveback) There is small sandwich spot by my job that specializes in sloppy joes, but the sandwich I’m talking about is a crispy chicken patty with a slice of pineapple, sweet chili and pineapple sauce, pepper jack cheese, and chipotle mayo (I deep six the mayo, though) all on a beautiful bun. Great stuff.

Dave Marconi (You Shall Not Pass Go) This is hard to say. I eat—a lot. Being honest, it’s hard for me to pin down one specific thing from this year that I’ve loved. By default, I’ll say my mother’s homemade Napoleons. Seriously, they are like square puffs of heavenly deliciousness.

Karen Randazzo (This Week’s Episode, The Think Tank) The meal that springs to mind was my birthday meal: seared scallops over butternut squash puree with a beautifully brunoised potato and green apple hash. I cried when I ate it because it was so good and the memory of it still brings a smile to my face. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just trust that it was delicious. If you do, then you can appreciate the talent it took to pull off a meal like that, which makes it all the better.

Dean DeFalco (Vest Lord, General Administrator) Thai Noodles in North Jersey. So good I took what little I had left home and finished it. Check out Topaz in Belleville, NJ.

Amy Ebeling (Editor-in-Chief) : Korean sesame wings from Taproom No. 307 on 3rd Ave. in Manhattan are to die for. And pretty much everything on the menu at Pop’s Garage in Absury Park, NJ.

Amy Ebeling

Editor-in-Chief, failed vegetarian, and collector of terrible tattoos.

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