Why I Love Wrestling: SummerSlam and Takeover Predictions Part 2

The one where I make my predictions for SummerSlam

The four hour spectacular of the summer is finally upon us. Truth be told, I love SummerSlam. It’s always one of the best shows of the year and usually delivers some sort of payoff. If WrestleMania is the show for the mainstream, SummerSlam is the show for the fans. And this year? It’s a big biggie. WWE is running three nights in the same building, Barclay’s in Brooklyn NYC, and will have to pull out the big guns as it were to keep the famed NYC crowd engaged. Looking at the card, I think they’ve got a good chance of making this weekend one of the finest wrestling weekends in recent history.


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Why I Love Wrestling: SummerSlam & Takeover Predictions Part 1

The one where I make my predictions for NXT Takeover: Brooklyn

So, this is going to be a long one. This weekend we’ve got both the NXT Takeover special on Saturday night AND SummerSlam on Sunday. (4 Hours long!) All told, that’s about six hours or so of predictions to make. And I know what you’re thinking, “Dan, it’s okay, you don’t have to do ALL of them, we understand, you have a life, a wife, kids, a dog, white picket fence, we get it.” Well, to that I say, “How the hell do you know those things about me?! Are you stalking me? Trailing me? Hiding in my bushes? Don’t do that shit, it’s not cool.” But I digress…

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Bits and Brew 006: Calm Before the Storm & Mega Man Legends

Flipping the script

Ballast Point Brewing Company is known for producing high-quality craft beers (with really, really good artwork). One of their more popular offerings is Victory at Sea, an Imperial Porter with cold brew coffee and vanilla added. It’s a seasonal release from October to December that many people look forward to. Victory at Sea strikes a truly wonderful balance between the roasty, chocolate flavors of the porter base and the coffee and vanilla additions. No matter where you look, Victory at Sea is very highly rated. So, it was with trepidation that I approached Calm Before the Storm. See, I love Victory at Sea. 

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Why I Love Wrestling: Match of the Year? Option 002

Cesaro is a wrestling god

Due to the nature of next week’s post, a prediction for both Takeover and Summerslam, this week we will take a look at another MOTY contender. As we examine candidates for the best match of the entire year, one thing that may surprise you, it certainly has me, is the inclusion of John Cena in more than a few.

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Why I Love Wrestling: Jushin Thunder Liger

Jushin Thunder Liger is a superhero come to life

Japanese professional wrestling, Puroresu, has a long standing tradition of flashy characters. Based on historical significance, culture, tradition, and even pop culture such as anime or live action television, Japanese fans have been treated to some pretty spectacular characters over the years. None have been more spectacular though, especially not for as long, as Jushin Thunder Liger.

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Kung Fu Fridays: The Street Fighter

That right there boys and girls, is Sonny Chiba.

One of the baddest men to walk the planet. A military brat who almost made the Japanese Olympic team, Chiba achieved worldwide success through the film The Street Fighter. No, the film has nothing to do with the game, or the film based on the game, or the game based on the film based on the game. (though the film is available in its entirety in the game The Darkness on any TV found in that game world) What The Street Fighter is is a really well done martial arts flick, a staple in many top ten lists, and an incredibly violent movie whose cult following was helped no doubt by Quentin Tarantino’s decision to not only cast Chiba as Hatori Hanzo in Kill Bill but this as well…

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Why I Love Wrestling: Battleground Predictions

This event, if rumors are true, is shaping up to be very important for WWE

After a proper buildup, five whole weeks this time, the WWE Universe is poised to receive an audio and visual smackdown via the Network this Sunday as Vince McMahon and Co. present Battleground live in St. Louis. This event, if rumors are true, is shaping up to be very important for WWE as we are slated to see two huge returns (more on that later). How does the rest of the card look and who is going to win? Read on and find out.

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Why I Love Wrestling: Brian Cage

He’s the guy carrying two other guys… He’s really strong.

Mr. GMSI (get my shit in), the F’n Machine, (and my personal favorite) the Swoleverine, Brian Cage is an absolute monster. Cage, born Brian Button in 1984, has star written all over him. He’s as strong as anyone working today, and damn near as agile. He is able to do things in the ring that a man of his size simply should not be able to do. Every time I see him wrestle, I am amazed at what he is able to do. Take a look at his moveset and tell me you’re not impressed.

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Kung Fu Fridays: 8 Diagram Pole Fighter/Invincible Pole Fighter

If you’ve ever wondered why the bo staff is the coolest weapon a martial artist can use…

Based on the generals of the Yang family, a Cantonese legend, 8 Diagram Pole Fighter was released in 1983 by the legendary Shaw Brothers  and starred the absolutely incredible Godon Liu. (most readers will recognize him as Pei-Mei from Kill Bill vol.2 and Johnny Mo from Kill Bill vol.1) The film, known as Invincible Pole Fighter outside of Hong Kong, was hit with tragedy as Liu’s costar, Alexander Fu Sheng, was killed in a car accident before filming wrapped. 

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Why I Love Wrestling: Beast in the East – Predictions

Bit of a weird one this week

Bit of a weird one this week as this post will go up either a few hours before or a few hours after the latest WWE Network special, Beast in the East, airs live from Japan. Being that it is airing live that means that for those of us on the East coast, well, let’s just say that 5:30 AM is way too damn early to wake up for a wrestling show (2:30 AM West coast… eww). And while this is nothing more than a glorified house show it does mark the return to in ring action by one Brock Lesnar (and Chris Jericho!). We’ve also got an NXT Title match and some fun undercard stuff. Who will win and who will lose? Read on humanoids and find out.

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