Why I Love Wrestling: Night of Champions predictions

Every title is on the line live from sunny and hot and humid Houston. It’s WWE Night of Champions!

Live from the Toyota Center in beautiful (Just kidding. Though some sections are really nice) muggy as hell Houston, TX, WWE presents Night of Champions. The hook here is that every title must be defended and since Seth Rollins is both the current Heavyweight champ AND the United States champ, he has to wrestle twice. The good thing is that two Seth Rollins matches almost certainly means that there will be two matches of a very high caliber. The bad thing is that two Seth Rollins matches means some shenanigans are in order. But more on that later. On to the predictions.

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Why I Love Wrestling: Match of the Year contender 3 – Sasha vs Bayley

NXT Takeover set a high bar during Summer Slam weekend. This match however, put that bar out of reach.

Two weeks ago, maybe more depending on when you are reading this, the WWE was in Brooklyn for three nights of shows. They ran back to back to back nights in the Barclays Center, a rather unusual move in the realm of sports and entertainment. I know that I was glued to my TV for all three events, NXT Takeover/Summer Slam/RAW, and even though the time commitment was large, it was overall a very satisfying weekend of pro wrestling. My favorite event, not surprising if you are a follower of these posts, was NXT Takeover.

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Why I Love Wrestling: Kana

“Most Dangerous” Kana has officially signed with WWE! I for one welcome our new female overlord…

“Most Dangerous” may be selling her a bit short. Kana, real name Kanako Urai, has officially signed with WWE and should be making her debut on NXT. For those of you who have never heard of Kana I assure you that her signing is a big, BIG deal. It is at the very least equivalent to the influx of Indy superstars that have populated WWE airwaves and is probably more akin to their signing of Hideo Itami.

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