Why I Love Wrestling: Jushin Thunder Liger

Jushin Thunder Liger is a superhero come to life

Japanese professional wrestling, Puroresu, has a long standing tradition of flashy characters. Based on historical significance, culture, tradition, and even pop culture such as anime or live action television, Japanese fans have been treated to some pretty spectacular characters over the years. None have been more spectacular though, especially not for as long, as Jushin Thunder Liger.

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Why I Love Wrestling: Rowdy Roddy Piper

This was not the post I wanted to write any time soon.

This was not the post I had in mind for this week. This was not the post I wanted to write any time soon. This was especially not the post I wanted to write a month after the passing of Dusty Rhodes. But unfortunately, this is the post I have to write. Today, 7/30/2015, Rowdy Roddy Piper passed away from cardiac arrest. He was sixty one. And that, quite frankly, is too fucking soon.

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Why I Love Wrestling: Battleground Predictions

This event, if rumors are true, is shaping up to be very important for WWE

After a proper buildup, five whole weeks this time, the WWE Universe is poised to receive an audio and visual smackdown via the Network this Sunday as Vince McMahon and Co. present Battleground live in St. Louis. This event, if rumors are true, is shaping up to be very important for WWE as we are slated to see two huge returns (more on that later). How does the rest of the card look and who is going to win? Read on and find out.

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Why I Love Wrestling: Brian Cage

He’s the guy carrying two other guys… He’s really strong.

Mr. GMSI (get my shit in), the F’n Machine, (and my personal favorite) the Swoleverine, Brian Cage is an absolute monster. Cage, born Brian Button in 1984, has star written all over him. He’s as strong as anyone working today, and damn near as agile. He is able to do things in the ring that a man of his size simply should not be able to do. Every time I see him wrestle, I am amazed at what he is able to do. Take a look at his moveset and tell me you’re not impressed.

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Why I Love Wrestling: Money in the Bank predictions

Boy, these WWE events keep on coming, don’t they?

Another week, another PPV. Man these seem to be coming at a furious rate recently. I expect us to be at a every other day schedule by September. (oh god no, please…) In all seriousness, Money in the Bank, MITB, has to be a great show. WWE is running the risk of event fatigue, hey just like in comics which you can hear about weekly on the Paper Cuts Podcast brought to you by your friends at Geekade, and must have a solid show top to bottom this time out. What are the odds of that?

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Why I Love Wrestling: Dusty Rhodes

Legend barely scratches the surface

Dusty Rhodes the American Dream, born Virgil Runnels, died today at the age of sixty nine. And that, quite honestly, was way too soon. I was not ready. As a fan of professional wrestling, I can tell you that my heart breaks at his passing. Legend barely scratches the surface of what Dusty has meant to the professional wrestling world. His influence can be seen on every wrestling show around the world and will continue to be seen for the foreseeable future. (Just two weeks ago the finish of the Dean Ambrose/Seth Ambrose WWE Championship match was a “Dusty” finish)

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Why I Love Wrestling: Ricochet

Maybe the most athletic wrestler to ever compete

Born Trevor Mann, the man known as Ricochet (or Prince Puma if you are watching Lucha Underground) is one of the most exciting wrestlers in the world today. The things he is able to do in the ring, the moves he can pull off at will, are nothing short of incredible. I have been watching professional wrestling for the better part of thirty years now and I have never seen anyone quite like Ricochet.

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Why I Love Wrestling: Elimination Chamber predictions

What will happen in the next network exclusive event?

Since the launch of the WWE Network, rumors have been circulating that there would eventually be network exclusive shows/events. These started with the NXT Takeover specials, all of which have been incredible, and continues this Sunday with Elimination Chamber. The Elimination Chamber event had previously been the May PPV but was replaced by Payback this year. The card for this inaugural network event is shaping up to be a lot of fun. Who will win? Who will lose? Read on humanoids and find out.

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Why I Love Wrestling: The Mountain Goats – Beat the Champ

It’s like Pac-man Fever, except about wrestling, and good.

Every now and again a tiny beautiful something happens. Two roads converge, two paths cross, and something amazing takes place. The above record is one of those things. There is no reason, practically speaking, for this record to exist. On paper, it makes no sense. It just shouldn’t work. But, much like its source material, it does, beautifully.

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