The SNES Podcast #169 — Chrono Trigger Revisited

In this special episode of the SNES Podcast, Greg and Joe are joined by guest host Jala of the Duckfeed Network in discussing one of her favorite games of all time — Chrono Trigger! We have covered this game in the past on the podcast but due to the length of the time since that episode went up we decided it was time to revisit it and give some new thoughts and opinions. In this episode we go into depth about our experiences with the game, what makes it stand out and why it’s special, and how one can play the game today. Any questions, comments, etc can be left on our FB page or e-mailed to and as always thanks for your support!

Jala is a member of the Duckfeed Network where she is an active host on The Level Podcast and also does other bonus episodes. In addition, another podcast on that network, Watch Out For Fireballs, will also be covering Chrono Trigger in the near future so check them out if you want more Chrono Trigger goodness in your life!

Please check out Jala and the shows of the Duckfeed Network at

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